Assess the validity of the following statement:
Compromise saved the Convention.

James Gurney
10/24/2012 02:12:48 am

Americans could not agree on everything at the convention. Consecions made on both sides made the Constitution what it is today.

Nate Woodcock
10/24/2012 02:20:41 am

The Americans at the Convention disagreed on many ideas, but the sacrifices that were made by all sides helped them compromise and come to an agreement,

Tanner Flint
10/24/2012 08:10:46 am

Many of the delegates had their own ideas and plans for the Constitution and essentially how the government should be constructed when they first met for The Constitutional Convention. Most of them didn't agree how the constitution should have been formed. It took many compromises and integration of many ideas to create a document that would satisfy the wants and needs of the delegates as well as a strong base for the United States' Constitution.

Blake Basmajian
10/25/2012 09:24:11 am

The creators of the constitution obviously did not have 1 mutual way to fix the problems they had with the articles in the new constitution. These learned men had their own ideals in which they thought were the correct way of tackling the issue, however, in reality rather than all the "founding fathers" disagreeing at the Constitutional Convention they saved the effort and "compromised", taking what deemed to be the best combination of all the delegates ideas and creating what we know as the Constitution.

Kevin Napier
10/28/2012 06:59:34 am

Compromise did, indeed save the Convention. It has often been said that it is impossible to please everybody all of the time. Compromise made it so that everybody would be equally disgruntled with the Constitution. Roger Sherman solved the dispute over equal representation by suggesting a two house legislature. One house would have equal representation from each state, regardless of population. The other house would be represented by each state in proportion to the state's population. Eventually, all states could come to agreement on this compromise, and the Constitution was allowed to be completed.

Chelsea Landor
10/28/2012 11:31:56 am

Many people have different opinions and cannot always agree on the the same decision or thought. Therefore a solution to the problem could be a compromise, where everyone agrees on a mutual settlement. The one person who saved the convention was roger Sherman of Connecticut. Sherman solved the issue by creating a two house congress with each state having an equal vote. Sherman according to John Adams was "a solid,sensible man" and roger Sherman was the man who set the foundation for our government today. Roger Sherman always kept his head up when others lost theirs and he tried his best to understand others opinions and own point of view.

Courtney Densmore
11/4/2012 05:47:37 am

Of course this statement is valid. The Constitution would cease to exist if people like Roger Sherman and James Madison had not issued compromises, such as that of the Great Compromise. Two houses in Congress allowed state voting equality in one house and and proportional representation in the other. Whether or not the Great Compromise was the best choice for our budding country in the eyes of its citizens and delegates is beside the point. The major reason for such widespread support of this collaboration was the realization of possible repercussions if rejected. Keeping America strong and united was the top priority and initial hesitations were put aside.

Coleman Reardon
11/4/2012 11:02:17 pm

The compromise between several different parties saved the convention. The creation of a bicameral legislature (essentially combining the Virgina and New Jersey Plans) solved the problem of representation between large states and small states.

Alex Piper
11/5/2012 08:44:28 am

Compromise defined as "an agreement reached by adjustment of conflicting or opposing claims" gave each faction or 'party' enough of what it wanted to be satisfactory while meeting the demands of other parties. This derived a Constitution that had a little from each side of the story, satisfactory to each individual in the convention but needed to be thrown to the wolves for ratification by the states. Compromise prevented one party from becoming angered or stressed by the decisions of another group. So, my personal belief is that yes, this statement is valid.

Taylor Dunn
1/1/2013 04:15:29 am

at the convention it seemed that no one side could honestly win for what they thought that the government needed to be based on and formed to. Therefore compromises such as New Jersey Plan and Virginia Plan were joined to make the Senate and House of Representatives to make up the Congress in the federal government

Hannah Murphy
1/1/2013 12:47:57 pm

Compromise is what made the convention work. The men that attended thought that their ideas were what was best for the states. Instead of being completely stubborn, both sides compromised to create a document they felt would best suit everyone, the Constitution.


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