Evaluate the following statement:

Britain's policy of salutary neglect made legislative assemblies more independent, encouraged commerce and allowed for religious freedom, in the American colonies.

James Gurney
10/3/2012 10:35:31 am

Americans have a sence of liberty from the liberties given to them by England in the colonial days. This policy of salutory neglect led to a spirit of complete separation from England.

Ivana Cooke
10/4/2012 08:47:32 am

The policy of salutary neglect made the colonies more independent as they were not being told what they could do by England. This policy eventually lead up to the American Revolution and the colonies permanent seperation from England.

Kevin Napier
10/5/2012 09:50:29 pm

Britain's more lenient policies to America certainly led to more independent legislatures due to the fact that colonial leaders were no longer being scrutinized under a microscope, and felt a greater sense of freedom. This led to more religious freedom because Britain was no longer the puppet master of the colonies, meaning that fewer religious persecutors were in control. Since Britain was no longer in complete control, the colonies were free to trade as they pleased, creating more opportunities for commerce.

Tanner Flint
10/10/2012 06:47:33 pm

Britain's policy of salutary neglect was to let the colonies govern themselves. This gave the colonies freedom from both the Anglican Church and the economy. With this freedom, colonies established their own trading relationships, set up the religious church of their liking, and have their own government.

Chelsea Landor
10/10/2012 09:54:00 pm

Britain's policy of salutary neglect was meant to keep the majority of the American colonies obedient to England. Trade during this policy was still encouraged and allowed but with regulating laws added. Solutary neglect had lead to the American revolution where colonists learned to govern by themselves and come to believe the Idea self control.salutary neglect allowed individuals to have religious freedom, believing in whatever they desired.

Ian Nolan
10/23/2012 05:58:47 pm

The colonies received salutary neglect from the British and now with a sense of independence they were able to form legislative assemblies, free trade, and freedom of religion. If the British hadn't given salutary neglect to the colonies then the colonies would have most likely stayed dependent on British policies.

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