Assess the following statement:

President Obama's Second Inaugural Speech outlined a liberal agenda.

Also, identify a past president who also outlined a liberal agenda in his inaugural speech.

Tanner Flint
2/13/2013 06:43:46 am

President Obama's Second Inaugural Speech certainly outlined a liberal agenda. He outlines safety-net plans to aid the poor and invest in public used facilities and roads such as, schools and highways. He planned to help minorities and get equal rights for gays. His liberal set of goals that would affect the poor and jobless closely mirror Lyndon Johnson's goal of a "Great Society". LBJ tried to create his "Great Society" by signing reformation acts like the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 which attempted to provide the impoverished with vocational training. He also created head start programs in schools to increase educational productivity. Obama's plans for his final term seem to follow a similar set of objectives as LBJ's back in the 60s.

Kevin Napier
2/14/2013 08:44:22 am

President Obama's liberal agenda outlined in his second inaugural speech included gun control laws, more military rights for women and gays' rights. A president with a similar liberal agenda to that of Barack Obama's was John F. Kennedy. Kennedy's inclusion of Civil Rights would have been considered extremely liberal at the time. Though Kennedy did not begin his presidency pushing for Civil Rights, he did push for the Peace Corps, sending American volunteers to help the needy overseas. Though the era of each President changed their duties and actions, both held a liberal agenda.

Tessa Goodine
2/21/2013 07:11:51 am

President Obama's second inaugural speech was absolutely a liberal agenda. Obama touches on equal rights for the gay community, education and healthcare for all, and achievement of dreams for immigrants, along with other things. Another President who believed in liberal ideas was Theodore Roosevelt. He outlined the belief that Executive powers should regulate business and that human welfare should be a number one goal in his "New Nationalism" program introduced in 1910. He spoke of multiple social reforms including nationwide health systems, women's suffrage, protection of laborers and many other things.

chelsea landor
2/22/2013 02:15:31 am

President Obama's second inaugural speech was based on a better society. A society where the government is always there to protect the weak, promote economic growth and to simply solve problems that we individuals cannot on our own. Obama wants to battle against poverty and prejudice, deliver equality for gays, tackle climate change and give the youth immigrants a path to citizenship.Another president with a liberal agenda in his inaugural speech was James Madison. Madison wanting to promote peace and hapiness with other states,improve the work force with agriculture and manufactures,to continue to respect the independence and rigths of citizens and to help reduce the public debt.


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